Womb Journey Held by Beloved Cacao

“A woman’s energetic womb space is a cauldron that can transmute pain, grief,

sadness and suffering into personal power, pleasure and joy.” – Jane 

This is a guided meditation to journey deep into the cauldron of your own womb space (your yoni, cervix and womb), to transmute any trauma held in this creative feminine space of your body, and reclaim aspects your feminine that has been trapped and stuck in the shadows. If you experience physical symptoms around your female reproductive centre, this womb meditation may help help to shift the underlying emotional energies that could be resulting in physical dis-ease.

Throughout her lifetimes, ixCacao has experienced and witnessed first hand the fall or matriarchy and the effects of a world where money is more sacred than people and the land.

She has felt first hand being used as a commodity, and witnessed the suffering of women and children so that the privileged may profit. She has tried for centuries to awaken our hearts to reconnect us to the wisdom of the Earth. Now many are hearing the calls of our Mother to reclaim the ancient wisdom that allowed us to live harmoniously with each other and the land.

Our energetic womb spaces hold every ancient cry of the women who walked before us. They hold the tears of the children separated from Mother, and every longing and desire of the feminine. Our womb spaces offer us a cauldron, or medicine bowl, in which we can transmute our grief, pain, sadness, longing, loss, emptiness and suffering into personal power, pleasure, wholeness, purpose, passion and joy.

Imagine a world where women have remembered and mastered the creative power of their wombs, to incubate and birth the ancient longings and desires of the goddesses who walked before us.

I invite you to reclaim your womb wisdom.



Love Jane xxx