Vegan Dark Chocolate Recipe

The ancient plant medicine of Cacao invites us to come together with others and to celebrate and cherish what we have. She soothes and comforts our minds and our nervous systems during stressful times, and gently activates the wisdom of the souls intelligence, if we are willing to receive her teachings and be  present and listen.

This is a super easy and fun recipe you can do with your family, to bring the sanity, sensuality and bliss back to self-isolation and homeschooling. These chocolates are packed full of endorphin boosting chemicals to elevate your mood, as well magnesium to nourish the nerves and relax the muscles, to ensure you have the best Easter yet, despite the challenging current global circumstances !!!!

Check out this slightly embarrassing, chaotic, fun video of me making these chocolates with my children. I also show you the difference here between tempered and untempered chocolate.


Dark Chocolate ingredients

  • 100g of Cacao Medium Elixir with the flower essences of your choice.
  • 50g organic raw cacao butter (discs or grated)
  • 60g organic maple syrup
  • 1-2tbspn cashew nut butter (optional)
  • 20g organic raw coconut oil
  • pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt
  • 1tspn organic vanilla bean paste
  • optional nuts, seeds, berries, dried fruits, spices (whatever you fancy)
  •  1-2 Silicon moulds to pour chocolate into

chocolate organic ingredients

Melting method

  1. Melt the ground cacao paste/elixir, and coconut oil in a glass or stainless steel bowl that is sitting in a saucepan of boiled water. Turn off saucepan once water has boiled, and let your bowl sit on top of the saucepan. The heat from the boiled water will warm up your bowl and melt the cacao inside the bowl. (This is known as the double boiler method). It will mostly melt all by itself if you leave it to sit for 5 mins, and stir out lumps occasionally.  (Make sure no water gets into the bowl you are stirring chocolate in as it will cause it to clump)
  2. Once cacao paste is fully melted add the cacao butter, to the bowl and let it all continue to melt. (You may need to reboil the water in the saucepan if it has cooled down.)
  3. Add optional cashew nut butter, maple syrup, and vanilla to the bowl and continue to stir and melt, rewarming the water underneath if it has cooled down.
  4. Add the sea salt, and stir. You should now have no lumps and the ingredients are all smooth, runny and ready to pour into silicon moulds.

Melting instructions for Thermo instead of boiling water method.

  1. Melt cacao paste/elixir and coconut oil for 5mins on speed 1 at 37 degrees, scraping down sides occasionally.
  2. Add cacao butter to the bowl and continue to melt at 37 degrees, speed 1 for another 5mins or longer until all has melted.
  3. Add the optional cashew nut butter, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt and mix at 37 degrees on speed 1 for 4 mins.
  4. Once all melted, bring up to speed 2 at 50 degrees for 2mins


Pouring into moulds

  1. Using a spoon, pour chocolate into the silicon mould, making hole about 3/4 full. Then add in your nuts and seeds, berries or spices and use a toothpick to stir them in and remove air bubbles.
  2. It should make at least 24 chocolates, depending on the size of your moulds.
  3. Transfer the moulds into the freezer, use a tray to sit the moulds on to prevent chocolate spilling everywhere
  4. Wait for 30-60mins .
  5. Once frozen, remove from freezer, then remove them from the moulds and decorate with rose petals, seeds, and spices however you like!

making chocolate


Love Jane xxx