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Online Cacao Ceremony and Prayer

WHERE: Lyra House Denmark 

WHEN: Saturday June 18th

TIME: 9-5pm


Resurface Collaboration Women’s Retreat 

A day of local practitioners sharing their modalities and creating sacred space as you Breathe in the life force that is the continuum of your being. Sarah will guide us through breathe, Jane through Cacao ceremony, Laura through a botanical sensory workshop and Steph through dance. 

From the moment we are born we Breathe our Life into existence, to the moment of our very last breathe where we are released from our human experience and slip into Eternal form. The space between these two moments is our time to truly experience life – to create, learn, live and love, where we can breathe through each moment, each emotion, each transition.

As we take this time to retreat on this June winters day, We drink Cacao in to our bodies. We breathe and trust what arises, connecting to our wisdom and clearing what we no longer wish to carry. We breathe as we explore the tangible sensory qualities of the flowers and herbs. We breathe out and ground and celebrate with dance.

Drinking, Breathing, Creating, Dancing, Exploring life.


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