Meet the Essence of the Chocolate Goddess

If you have been eating and drinking cacao for a while, you may have noticed you are developing a little relationship with her.

Plant beings are our relations and they have much to share with us when we slow down and listen.

My personal journey with cacao started out purely physical. I felt her nourishing my muscles and soothing my nervous system, but I did not understand at the time how much she was doing for me energetically. With hindsight I can now see how her steady, unconditional and unwavering love was holding me through challenging times. Over time, I felt myself needing to eat less and less of her to get her benefits and to feel her presence. I could hear her gently coaxing and pulling me to descend into the underworld, encouraging me to remember and grow my own roots.

It is only now that I understand that we cannot grow radiantly tall until we have met our shadows, faced our fears and learnt how to establish healthy roots into our beloved Mother Earth. If you have been wanting to deepen into your connection with the Spirit of Cacao, then this guided meditation will take you on a journey to meet and commune with her powerful essence.

If you have difficulty consuming cacao, due to strong physical responses after eating or drinking her, then this meditation will allow you to receive her energetic benefits, without the physical discomfort.

She is here to serve our hearts.

Enjoy the journey!!



Love Jane xxx