Cacao Medium Reveiws

“Jane’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao is amazing! It’s a beautiful ritual that I partake in most afternoon’s as a gentle reminder to connect and be with the present moment. It tastes divine, and mixes well with some other herbs that I include for an extra boost when needed (such as maca) or cinnamon and tumeric. I also use almond milk. I’ll be re-ordering soon once my stash runs out… and may include a chocolate gift box next time around too! Thank you Jane!

Anna - Melbourne VIC

“I first discovered Jane’s amazing chocolates from a course I did with Emma Polette. OMG they were divine and have been a big fan ever since. Then Jane created her cacao drink and it was just another level of decadence.I experienced it with a chocolate meditation circle with a group of friends,which was so beautiful and relaxing. I love this drink and always ensure I have a pack in my cupboard (it keeps disappearing when visitors realise how yummy it is). Love your work beautiful Jane.

Peta - Albany WA

“Jane’s chocolate is so much more than a sweet treat. You can feel the love and energy she has put into them. They taste Devine but even more than that they leave you feeling amazing. Thank you Jane for these heart felt high quality products, they are pure magic”

Clare - Byron Bay NSW

“My love affair with Jane and her cacao goodness began in 2017. I started by ordering some of her chocolates and they were amazing. Now I buy Jane’s self love cacao. I’ve got a few of my friends onto it and they love it so we all get together and order it together. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s so nourishing and I feel so warm when I take the first sip. Especially in these colder months when my body needs love and warmth, this cacao drink hits the spot”

Chenae - Brisbane QLD

“The gorgeous Chenae introduced me to Jane’s self love cacao drink and I’m in love! It makes a mean vegan ice chocolate on hot days and a nourishing and supportive hot drink on cold days. Either way I feel nurtured and loved when I have it, it’s something just for me that offers way more to my body and spirit than a normal hot chocolate!!”
Anna - Brisbane QLD