During uncertain, rapidly changing times, I am reminded how so much outside of me is beyond my control. And I find myself asking, what can I do? How can I make a difference and in what way can I experience a better life and contribute to a better planet.

Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do, before we act out in the world, is to come back into our own bodies, and enter into stillness and reflection. Our bodies really are barometers, that have an eternal wealth of information available to us, to guide us and support us if we take the time to listen. So often we try to work things out in our head, or seek answers from someone else, but the truth is you do have the answers already within you. It is just a matter of getting intimate with God or getting intimate with your intuition, and learning the language of how the sacred Creator of All Life communicates with you and through you.

Creating a sacred space is a beautiful way to prepare to enter into communion with the divine aspect of yourself. You can create a beautiful ritual, inviting in the tree medicine of ixCacao, to enhance your intentions for the day, and also increase your vibration.

Below is how I love to create an easy little ritual for myself at home.  My group cacao circles tend to be more elaborate and in depth, but for simplicity sake, there are few basic elements that help to make a ritual and make it sacred.

Firstly it helps to know – What is a ritual? From my perspective, a ritual is a repeated practice that brings intentionality, consciousness and sacredness to whatever you are doing and whatever you wish to create.

I also love bringing in the 4 elements (fire, earth, water, air) and the 7 directions (east, south, west, north, above, below, within). This feels all encompassing and inclusive, and allows me to connect with and be aware of all aspects of nature that are always communing with us.


  1. Find your sacred space – it can be an altar in your room, a quiet peaceful spot, it can be a soft couch, or in the garden outside, or a place in nature that calls you. Ideally somewhere where you feel safe, protected, inspired, held and comfortable.
  2. Start making your space sacred – you don’t need charms, angel cards or totems, but if you have them, you can bring them into your sacred space. Theres no right or wrong, and sometimes less is more. You can have as much stuff or as little as you like. Ultimately it is a communion between you and God.
  3. Make your cacao and welcome Tree medicine into the space. Tree medicine helps us to become the bridge. With roots that journey deep into the earth and branches that reach for the light of the sun. Simply having gratitude for cacao is perfect.
  4. Acknowledge the 4 elements – Fire/East. (Light a candle). Earth/South (you may have crystals, rocks, cacao is earth medicine). Water/West (will be in your cacao, or you can put some flowers in a bowl of water, or state the intention to be willing to allow your tears to flow should they arise). Air/North (smudge sticks acknowledging the wind, bird feathers remind us to take a birds eye view of life)
  5. Acknowledge the remaining directions – Above (intending to connect to God/Divine/Creator/Source/Great spirit or whatever word you feel comfortable to call it. Below (acknowledging the your ancestors, the ancestors of the land and the traditional owners of the land on which you sit). Within (intimately coming back to self and knowing you are worthy to receive and embody divine intelligence, and trusting the wisdom and guidance that comes through to you).
  6. Then allow yourself to settle into the space, slow your breath, and enter into heart coherence (which raises your vibration and is your protection)
  7. From this beautiful heart open place you can now enter into meditation (check out my self love and acceptance meditation below), or write in a journal, or ask a question and trust the answer that comes to you!




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