Rose Cacao Recipe 

It doesn’t get more heavenly and heart-gasmic than this glorious infusion of Love and Devotion Cacao Elixir, combined with rose water and cardamom.

Love and Devotion Elixir is Ceremonial Peruvian Criollo Cacao, infused with Red Leschenaultia flower, Purple and Red Kangaroo Paw, and Purple Nymph Waterlily, designed to help the armour around our hearts fall away so that we may truly connect intimately in relationship with other humans, ourSelf and Great Spirit.

It is the perfect remedy for going into ceremony or meditation to raise your vibration and gently inspire your heart to connect to the field of infinite information. Add in a splash of rose water, and cardamom and you will find yourself deeply held and loved, and the bliss beams radiating out of your sacred heart will powerfully encode the world around you with the compassionate love very much needed upon Earth right now.

This is a gentle, sensual, feminine, heart-activating combo for the tender soul to experience being loved and being led by love.



• 2 tbpsn of Love and Devotion Ceremonial Cacao elixir
• 150ml hot water
• splash of plant milk
• 1 Tspn of rose water
• 1-2 fresh dates
• 1/4 Tspn of ground cardamom

BLEND METHOD – Heat the plant milk and water first in a saucepan, then blend all ingredients into a smooth creamy bubbly drink in a blender.

*Caution – too hot a liquid may cause blender lid to explode off, so make sure it is not boiling when you go to blend it.

SIMMER METHOD –  Blend dates, cacao and plant milk to make a paste, then pour into a saucepan, add the water, rose water and cardamon, and bring to boil, let simmer for a few minutes until bubbles form, stirring regularly. Then pour into your fave mug and drink!

Once your cacao has been prepared try this practise to swiftly raise your vibration and connect you to your hearts intelligence. Holding your cup of cacao in one hand, place the other hand on your heart, signalling your intention to connect with your heart.

Allow the aroma of IxCacao to infuse into your body, and feel her activating inside you. Sip her slowly, just noticing where you feel her in your body.

Now conjure up feelings of gratitude- feel, think, imagine, sense, something you are grateful for – it could be your cacao, it could be a moments peace, the roof over your head, a loved one, a pet etc… whatever it is, really allow those feelings of gratitude to expand and build in your body for 3 minutes.

What you are doing is raising your vibration and reprogramming the cells in your body to align with a higher frequency. Practise this as often as you feel called to, and especially before having challenging conversations or posting on social media. When we speak and take action from this heart centred place, we will transform the world.

Don’t underestimate the power in this simple practise.

Blessings as you walk the path of the heart!!!


Love Jane xxx