Cacao for Calm and Comfort 200g


200g of chopped Guatemalan Cacao infused with West Australian Flower Essences to bring Calm and Comfort during these challenging times.

This cacao is made by the loving hands of a 100% Indigenous owned Mayan Women’s Collective Cacao grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

The energy of this cacao has been infused with the following flower essences to release anger and fear, to inspire an open heart, to calm and centre the nervous system, and bring comfort as we process challenging and heavy thoughts and feelings. Each Elixir contains the flowers:

  • Black Kangaroo Paw – for feelings of hurt, anger and rage towards authority figures. This flower helps to release resentment, and bring us back into our hearts, releasing negative thoughts and toxicity in the body, inspiring forgiveness, and allowing feelings of joy and light heartedness to return to our being.
  • Swan River Myrtle – for feelings of discomfort when witnessing injustice, for frustration and anger around being manipulated or tricked. This flower inspires us to not get emotionally caught in traps when life seems unfair, and brings a sense of positivity that fuels ones inner strength and inner determination to focus on greater goals and the higher path.
  • Illyarrie – For supporting the release of fear held in the subconscious. This flower helps to clear old programs and wounds that keeps us stuck in heavy and dense shadows, and inspires one to face their fear – the dragon within – by shining a light on it, and opening the path to move forward.
  • Giving Hands – inspires a process of metamorphosis when ones feels weighed down by the murky areas of life. This flower transforms hopelessness into regeneration, bringing one back into touch with the goodness and beauty of life, igniting feelings of optimism and hope to return.


$1 from the sale of any Guatemalan Cacao product goes back to the people of San Marcos, La Laguna to support Familia UTZ Corazon – a community led project to provide food and housing in their local village.


Please allow 7-14 days for delivery of your order. Each and every Sacred Cacao Product is produced by Jane with loving care & attention, that takes time!


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Our Mayan Cacao is sourced directly from Ruk’u’x’Ulew, an Indigenous Women’s Collective in San Marcos La Laguna, along the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 

Ruk’u’x’Ulew means ‘Heart of the Earth’ in the native language of Kaqchikel, and is 100% Mayan owned. Founder, Cecilia Mendoza, pays above market price for cacao beans from small local farms in Alta Verapaz, and then hires local Mayan women to remove the husks, roast the beans and then traditionally mill them to make the highest quality ceremonial grade paste. Young mothers, women and grandmothers all come to-gather, in a uniquely safe space to share stories about their children, motherhood and parenting and offering support and love to each other. I just know Mamma Cacao’s heart sings as she sits amongst these women, uniting women of all ages, and inspiring a hopeful and bright future for our children. Cacao really doesn’t get any more magical than this. 

Add 15-20g for a standard daily dose (or 42g for a ceremonial dose) to heated plant milk or hot water, and add a dash of cayenne and optional sweetener like maple syrup. Blend with a stick blender, tea whisk or molinillo for a smoothy and creamy texture and froth.

Store in a sealed container at room temperature.


Additional information

Weight 213 g
Dimensions 13 × 21 cm

One study in 5.5 thousand people showed Theobromine improves sleep quality and helped people sleep deeply for longer periods of time

Cacao is a mild cardiovascular stimulant that increases blood flow around the body and to the heart, unlike coffee which stimulates the nervous system

Cacao increases the bodies production of Dopamine which is an antidepressant and helps with feeling pleasure and satisfaction in life

Cacao contains Anandamide, a cannabinoid that feeds the endocannabinoid system in our body leading to feelings of bliss and happiness. ‘Ananda’ literally translates to ‘bliss’ Sanskrit

Cacao contains Flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress in the body, making it anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging

Theobromine also improves insulin sensitivity, so it is benefical for people with insulin resistance by aiding in the metabolism of glucagon & fat

Cacao contains PEA (phenylethylamine) which is the love chemical we produce when we are captivated by a person or task. It helps elevate mood and focus attention

Theobromine decreases inflammation of the lungs and opens up bronchioles, it is helpful for coughs and asthma