Ceremonial Yoni Chocolates


A gift box of 3 dark and 3 white Ceremonial Grade Peruvian Cacao Yonis (email us for bulk orders), infused with a subtle notes of rose and strawberry, as well as flower essences for Self Love and Acceptance. These chocolates have been inspired to honour the diversity and beauty of each yoni bearing person, and to support the healing process and reclaiming of our own sexual and feminine power again. 

Each yoni contains the following flower essences –  

  • Correa Orchid – to release regrets about the past. To know that there is no such thing as mistakes, and that every experience is an opportunity for learning and growth. For inner acceptance. To inspire positivity and self esteem, which leads to focus and success.
  • Blue China Orchid – to release old habits, patterns, thought programs and behaviours that are no longer aligned with our wellbeing and to support alignment with the higher self, so we can re-wire and re-create new neural pathways, new habits, new thought pattens and programs that ultimately support our highest healthiest expression.
  • Yellow Coneflower – for self worth, to know that the most important opinion that matters is the one we hold about ourselves. 

We advocate for self acceptance of the skin suits we have been born into, check out comfortable in my skin and the vulva gallery to explore the incredible yoni diversity in the world.

*For discounts on bulk orders and yoni gift bags for workshops and events, please email me at jane@cacaomedium.com.au to order.

Vegan ~ Gluten free ~ Slave free ~ Organic 

*Please allow 14-21 days to process your chocolate order. All chocolates are made to order and lovingly handcrafted with care which takes time. Once your chocolates are ready, they will be express posted to you address. Please select express post in check-out.

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Ingredients: Ceremonial grade Peruvian Cacao paste, Ceremonial Grade Peruvian cacao butter, organic Maple syrup, dairy free white chocolate, hopper natural pink colour, medicine flower extracts of rose, vanilla, and Yellow Coneflower, Correa Orchid, Blue China Orchid flower essences. 

Store in fridge for freshness.




Additional information

Weight 350 g

One study in 5.5 thousand people showed Theobromine improves sleep quality and helped people sleep deeply for longer periods of time

Cacao is a mild cardiovascular stimulant that increases blood flow around the body and to the heart, unlike coffee which stimulates the nervous system

Cacao increases the bodies production of Dopamine which is an antidepressant and helps with feeling pleasure and satisfaction in life

Cacao contains Anandamide, a cannabinoid that feeds the endocannabinoid system in our body leading to feelings of bliss and happiness. ‘Ananda’ literally translates to ‘bliss’ Sanskrit

Cacao contains Flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress in the body, making it anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging

Theobromine also improves insulin sensitivity, so it is benefical for people with insulin resistance by aiding in the metabolism of glucagon & fat

Cacao contains PEA (phenylethylamine) which is the love chemical we produce when we are captivated by a person or task. It helps elevate mood and focus attention

Theobromine decreases inflammation of the lungs and opens up bronchioles, it is helpful for coughs and asthma