Traceabilty and Integrity

We source Cacao from the Peruvian Valley, and San Marcos La Laguna, on the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Both these cacao beans are ceremonial grade, meaning they are of the highest quality and purity, and meet the ethical standards.

Peruvian Cacao

Our Peruvian cacao is a native Criollo strain sourced from the Awajun people, and some from the Ashaninka people across the Peruvian valley. Once the beans are picked from the tree, they are fermented and dried and then transported to a collection centre where they are checked to make sure they comply with the health parameters. The beans are then processed in Pisco, Peru where they are roasted and husks removed and transformed into the rich and exquisite cacao liquor. My supplier then imports the cacao to Australia and it is sent across the country, to the most southern tip of Western Australia. The cacao liquor arrives to my hometown in Torbay, a stunning little place where the forest meets the sea.

I, along with other mammas hand chop the cacao and infuse the West Australian flower essences into it. Deep conversations flow during this process as we listen to each others stories, and no doubt this energy of sisterhood and support finds her way into Mamma Cacao. The cacao is then further ground into smaller particles to create a range of delicious medicinal drinking elixirs that support alignment to our hearts purpose and reconnection to the Earth.  

The energy of this Cacao is earthy, grounding, muddy and bitter. She opens our heart and draws our energy downwards, descending into the Heart of Mother Earth. She anchors our Spirits into our bodies and to the Earth inviting us to feel at home in our skin and the land upon which we live.



This cacao is a helpful guardian for self acceptance, healing adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, alchemising collective grief and feminine wounds, breaking the chains of the past, doing shadow work, meeting and clearing subconscious fear, and planting new seeds. An ally for reconnecting to, and bringing back to life, our forgotten and ancient wisdom. Use in your daily self care practise and personal ceremony.

$1 from the sale of every Peruvian Cacao Elixir goes to the Borderless Friendship Foundation to support the Hill Tribe Children of Northern Thailand, at risk of sex slavery and trafficking.


Guatemalan Cacao

Our Mayan Cacao is sourced directly from Ruk’u’x’Ulew, an Indigenous Women’s Collective in San Marcos La Laguna, along the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 

Ruk’u’x’Ulew means ‘Heart of the Earth’ in the native language of Kaqchikel, and is 100% Mayan owned. Founder, Cecilia Mendoza, pays above market price for cacao beans from small local farms in Alta Verapaz, and then hires local Mayan women to remove the husks, roast the beans and then traditionally mill them to make the highest quality ceremonial grade paste. Young mothers, women and grandmothers all come to-gather, in a uniquely safe space to share stories about their children, motherhood and parenting and offering support and love to each other. I just know Mamma Cacao’s heart sings as she sits amongst these women, uniting women of all ages, and inspiring a hopeful and bright future for our children. Cacao really doesn’t get any more magical than this. 

The energy of this cacao is uplifting and enlivening yet also earthy. She is slightly grittier in texture due to a traditonal corn mill that turns the cacao into a paste, and she is only slightly bitter with a subtle smokiness in taste, due to the Mayan women that hand roast the beans. Her smell is beyond exquisite and will absolutely captivate you and flood you with blissful emotions, as you open your cacao package. She is as close to chocolate as the Original Cacao Keepers ate her. Her energy is about taking the nourishment we receive from the Heart of the Earth out into our communities, and being a visible and embodied demonstration of the Goddess in the world.

$1 from the sale of any Guatemalan Cacao product goes back to the people of San Marcos, La laguna to support Familia UTZ Corazon – a community led project to provide food and housing in their local village.


Mayan Womens Cacao Collective

This cacao is a beautiful ally for connecting to ones heart centred purpose and expressing it on the world, for embodiment work, and for courage around becoming visible. It reminds us of the strength of our Spirit – to remember we are truly unbreakable and will always rise from the ashes in divine time. Use this cacao in deep devotional practises and ceremony.