Intuitive Guidance

Trained as a qualified Intuitive Guide with The Institute For Intuitive Intelligence,  I work to support you to connect with your own Intuitive Intelligence – the wisdom within your own heart. We are all Intuitive, and like a muscle in the body, it initially takes effort and practise to learn how to listen, understand it and trust our Intuition again, so that we may experience flow, satisfaction and success and in our lives.

Fear acts as a barrier to our Intuitive Heart Intelligence, disrupting our natural Qi flow, that can result in blocks in our physical and subtle anatomy. These fears are collective and personal – some are programmed into us from external authority and our upbringing, and other fears we have carried in our subconscious minds for lifetimes. The way we activate our Intuitive Intelligence is to re-establish the connection to our hearts again, and from there, make the descent to the subconscious realm, (where our fearful subconscious beliefs are held), so we may make peace with our limiting beliefs, and then release them.

In a session with me, I will guide you to meet and release the most dominant fear belief in your body. From this re-balanced state, you now have optimal conditions and fertile soil to create new possibilities for your life aligned with love, not fear – allowing your hearts true purpose to sprout and blossom in the world.

These sessions for you if:

  • You know fear is holding you back and you want to break free
  • You want to align more with your hearts purpose
  • You want to release old habits and re-program your body to create new healthy neural pathways aligned with love
  • You feel blocked, stuck or unclear and want deeper insight into certain issues or ailments in your body or life
  • You want to get to the root source of your experiences
  • You want to break the chains of the past and plant new seeds for the future.

Where: Online via zoom

Exchange: $130  for 90 mins

See booking link for available session times.

Intuitive Intelligence Practitioner


“Jane has the most amazing ability to hold space and truly, lovingly see you. Which is why my 1:1 experience with Jane was so profound, and an experience I still hold deeply in my heart. A session with Jane allowed me to meet myself on a whole new level. Break through barriers, some familiar and some unknown, however all connected. And offer true insight and growth within. I walked away with a new perspective on self and my place here, giving more meaning and understanding, and a path. For days after I continued to integrate a new way of being. Something I have continued to hold close, inside and stay connected to. I have so much love for Jane, and all that she offers. She truly embodies love and light and has a divine gift to hold, nurture and guide others on their journey. I highly recommend her intuitive services”

Jade - Walpole WA

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