How to Make your Ceremonial Cacao Drink 

Here is a video showing you how I love to prepare my ceremonial cacao drink by allowing it to gently simmer over a saucepan. This is my favourite way of brewing the elixir, using the element of fire. There is something super sensual and activating about concocting an earthy brew with the elements of fire, water and air, and watching it evolve before your eyes as the aromas permeate the room.

If you prefer a quicker method then you can easily make your drink in a blender by mixing your cacao elixir with warm water or plant milk, a dash of maple or coconut sugar and any other spices you like, and blend it for 30secs -1 minute. Or Warm it all in a saucepan and then use a tea whisk or stick blender to make it creamy and bubbly.


10g – is an ideal dose for children, blended with plant milk and a natural sweetener as most children do not like cacao’s natural bitter taste. Something like coconut sugar, maple syrup or honey.

15g – is an ideal dose for pregnancy or breast feeding, or those who are starting out with cacao, or are sensitive to it.

20g – is a great steady consistent daily dose to take, to get all the physical benefits of cacao, as well as the emotional and spiritual benefits of opening your heart, grounding your body and inspiring creativity. This dose is also ok to nourish and bring energy to birthing mammas in labour.

42g – is a recommended ceremonial dose to take with the specific intention to journey, meditate and drop into a deeper experience. Ideally consumed without milk and just water, any spices you feel called to, and a sweetener. When you prepare a ceremonial dose, be conscious of your intention and really make sure you are present with the Spirit of Cacao when you are brewing her. Let her whisper to you, and inspire you. Make sure you drink lots of water after this dose.

CAUTION and low doses of 15g are recommended for those on SSRI’s, antidepressant medication, and heart medications.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more information about cacao and on dosages.



Love Jane xxx