Cacao Recipe for PMS and Menses


I notice I start to shift into my pre-menstrual phase, when I find myself needing to be slower and more gentle with myself. This inwards feeling – where I want to retreat into my home and turtle shell, is usually followed by slight tenderness in my breasts and a few lovely pimples on my chin – my body’s way of letting me know my monthly bleed will be coming soon. Sometimes there is so much to be done, that in the past I would push through and ignore the subtle inner nudge to rest and do less. Today, I know better, and I welcome this monthly inner winter time to retreat, to be a little less visible, to have more baths and to practise more self care.

My self care rituals ALWAYS involve cacao and of course a bath. I don’t think my mental wellbeing could have survived motherhood without a bath!!! I have been known to bath with flowers and herbs, and I love these yoni steam blends from Laura Elizabeth Wellness and this range from La Natura Sophia herbs either in the bath or to support my yoni and womb with a steam during these times.

sSome of us crave chocolate pre-menstrually which is usually the body begging for magnesium to support the nervous system and muscles. Combine that with the anandamide in cacao that elevates mood, theobromine that improves blood flow around the body, and cacao being a great source of iron and zinc, and you have a beautiful plant medicine to support the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase.  Its also helpful to avoid red meat, milk and sugar during these times if you get painful periods or notice severe physical PMS symptoms, and increase essential fatty acids through flaxseeds, hemp seeds, and leafy green plants.

This is my favourite recipe to support my body and soul during this time.

Ditch the processed chocolates and carbs and simply blend all ingredients together to make a thick, creamy, frothy elixir that hits the spot and feeds the cells in your body with the most exquisite nourishment.

Enjoy this cacao with my beautiful yoni womb meditation to take you deeper.

Love Jane xx