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When I first created this little body from sticks and bones resting upon the earth, I was left a-gasp.

My Christian upbringing knows how pagan she looks. I’ve been taught to perceive this sort of work as dark, dangerous, primitive and even demonic and so have felt a little afraid to share it. Yet, here she is, taking form, with a message for those dear hearts who want to listen.

She is one expression that has emerged as part of my devotion to descend deeper in the ancient meso-american roots of ixCacao with my teacher and guide Chantell Van Outeniqua.

Her name is Wisdom Keeper. She reminds me a little of the Wandjina too! And her message is this:

“Once you see, you cannot unseeded. The eyes are everything.

The eyes are perception.

Perception is the gateway to truth or disillusion.

The eyes, my eyes will take you deeper into the void, to the very first breathe…

….my eyes are black gaping holes to possibilities of infinite creations.

Dare to look into them.

What do you see?

Do my eyes reflect back to you all that you fear?

My eyes are but mirrors of your own consciousness.

My eyes are soil, rich fertile ground upon which your thoughts, your perceptions, create.

I am All. Alpha Omega Above Below Male Female Dark Light.

Your experience is just a choice based on your perception.

My people once loved me. They celebrated life with me. They saw me through loving eyes and they thrived, they had abundance, the animals were many. But then the seeds of fear grew and their perception shifted. They no longer looked up towards the light, and so I retreated from the sky underground into the darkness where I have rested with my seeds of possibilities aching to sprout. I have slept here for many years, waiting for centuries for humans to remember me, remember love. I am grateful for your breathe of life. Thankyou for breathing my bones back to life. Please remember perception is everything, and humans have a choice. I will emerge again when enough humans are brave enough to look into my eyes and not fear me. Until that day – Thankyou. Thankyou for choosing love.”

Wisdom Keeper – The second of the 13 Native American Clan Mothers[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Jane xxx

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