Calendula Infused Chocolate Remedies

Never before have I felt the natural world calling out to so many hearts and souls as she is right now. It feels like the more chaos and uncertainty that is happening during these unprecedented COVID times, the more I am personally feeling the pull to go deeper into nature for wisdom, for healing, for nourishment and for truth.

I know there is an unseen thread of mystical and magic that I can harvest from nature and cultivate within my being, so that I may write my own story… one where whispers of hope are carried in the breeze, and ancient stories of wisdom are spoken through the trees. A story that tells of an exciting and profound time in humanity where the 2 legged people really remembered who they are, and fully activated the dormant wisdom within.
Nature is the bridge, calling us to remember that we humans are nature too. That we are living beings, multidimensional in form, with an essential part to play. As we raise our vibration and reclaim connection to our Spirits, to Living Loving God Source, we become activated players in the Game of Life, we contribute to the field, we BE the change, and WE individually and collectively BECOME the bridge that ultimately raises this earth up.
The flowers and plant beings are here to assist us to deepen in our connection to Source, and ultimately ourselves. They help our physical bodies cope in the modern world and keep our spiritual essence alive.
This communion I had with Calendula was such a joyful and uplifting experience when I made her into a flower essence so she could be infused into beloved Mamma Cacao. Both ixCacao and Calendula energies present as nurturing, nourishing and mothering. Combined together in a chocolate remedy and your inner child will feeling safe and at home. Sadness and heaviness are alchemised into hope and joy.

Calendula’s energy has a beautiful innocent, playful, child-like energy, yet ultimately she is the safe and unconditionally loving mother that actually tends to our own wounded inner child.
The message she whispered to me was…

‘My energy is like playful sunshine, inviting innocence, wonder and joy back into your day.
Some think I am like a child, but in fact I am the attentive mother, tending to YOUR inner child, invoking your dreamer, your dancer, your imagination to return…
I heal your grazes and wounds.
I alchemise tender tears into warm smiles.
I am the devoted mother that nurtures the sadness and sickness of my children, by uplifting the vibration of the cells in your body.
Just like the sun kisses my petals, allow me to kiss your tissues and your skin, and make you whole again
Love Calendula’

You can easily spend time with this beautiful flower, or any flower for that matter,  to see what messages they have for you too. Come with an open heart, and let your imagination reveal images, sounds, words and feeling states to you, and really trust what comes. I highly recommend the work of Heidi Merika,  Medical herbalist, for more plant spirit wisdom.

How to make calendula flower essence

Now to  make Calendula  into a chocolate remedy you will need to make her into a flower essence first…. I adore the work of Erin Lovell Verinder and her book Plants for the People, which has some excellent ways for making flowers and herbs into healing tinctures, balms, essences and elixirs.
Below  is the method I used to make the Calendula essence above.
  • Heart Coherence –  this is  beautiful practise to centre you into your heart space and raise your vibration, so that you can safeky commune with plant spirits with integrity and love. Here is a link to get your body into a heart coherent state. Being conscious, open hearted and present is so important when communing with the plant spirits.
  • Choose the flowers  – Look for chemical free flowers that have not been sprayed.
  • Intention – commune with the flowers and let them know what you wish to do with them, listen and make sure you feel a full bodied yes, and that the flowers are not asking you to leave them as they are.
  • Infuse – In a glass bowl place 1 cup of filtered water. Add your flowers that have been chosen, using a wooden spoon gently cover them in the filtered water (they will float back to the top of the glass bowl again). Allow them to sit under the energy of the sun for 4 hours, or the moon overnight.
  • Mother Essence –  Gently Strain the flowers out and funnel into a large 500ml amber bottle. Approx 250ml should be the flower essence you have been making, then add 250ml of brandy to act as a natural preserver.  This is your mother essence. Label with name of flower, date, 1:1 water:brandy ratio. I like to tap the bottle, 5-10x and hold feelings of gratitude for the energy of calendula in the bottle, really visualise in your minds eye the calendula codes, infusing their way into every molecule of water.


How to infuse flower essences into your chocolate

Simply follow the Vegan Chocolate Recipe Method here to make your own chocolate from your favourite cacao elixir.  When you are adding the maple syrup to the cacao butter and cacao paste, simply add approx 5-10 drops of your flower essence that you have made. (NOTE:cashew nut butter is optional and not essential to have in your chocolates). Stir gently, remaining present, and with your minds eye consciously hold the intention of the Calendula flower essence instilling  her codes into the cacao. You now have a flower essence infused chocolate. Then simply set into moulds, add any other nuts or dried fruits or spices that call you. And set in the fridge for 4 hours or freezer for 1 hour.
Love Jane xxx