Ceremonial Cacao for the Sweetest Sleep 


Sometimes before curling up in bed, I like to have a warm cacao drink to re-align with my centre, to release stress and tension after a busy day, and to connect with Spirit before I enter into my sleepy dream state. I really believe that we heal when we sleep, our bodies rest and repair, and our minds and souls traverse timelines doing whatever it is they do in other dimensions. 

The first time I tried CBD oil, I only had a few drops and I found myself feeling deeply relaxed and sleepy within one hour. With a pleasant taste, it is super easy to take orally on its own or combined into the Surrender and Let Go Cacao Elixir to make a sleepy time drink. The flower essences of Hops, Brown Boronia and Dampiera in the Surrender and Let Go Elixir have a profound ability to release anxiety, tension and obsessive thoughts in the mind, as well as relax the muscles of the body and dissipate scattered, frenetic energy. Having your ceremonial cacao drink with CBD oil, is a beautiful ritual to bring intentionality to your sleep, inviting your dreamtime to be a time of rest, rejuvenation, high vibration and deep soul re-aligning and healing. 

Amazingly cacao has also been shown to increase Anandamide production in our body, which is a cannabinoid that binds to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain, resulting in increasing feelings of bliss!!! In fact the meaning of ‘Ananda’ in Sanskrit literally means bliss!! Who doesn’t want to feel more bliss before bed?

Whilst there are some people who cannot take cacao before bed as it may be too stimulating, I find small doses combined with meditation practises actually support a deep restful sleep. Studies have also shown that people who took theobromine before bed (the active constituent in Cacao) have deeper longer lasting unbroken sleep for 7 hours. (1) (2) Combine that with the glorious effects of CBD oil, and meditation and you are going to have yourself feeling so deeply relaxed and warmed before bed. If you find the cacao does keep you awake, have a smaller dose, or start your drink earlier in the evening.

Now CBD oil is not my area of expertise and you will need to consult with your health adviser and local government laws to find out if it is right for you. Benefits of hemp derived CBD (with no THC) include – reduced inflammation and joint pain, faster recovery from injury, reduced anxiety, deeper sleep, reduced feelings of depression. This is a great article with all the science and studies showing the benefits and side effects of CBD oil.

If you want to combine your cacao drink with CBD, I recommend taking it in the early evening and starting with 5 drops, gradually working your way up to half a dropper. However its important you listen to your own body, follow the labels from your CBD manufacturer and speak to your doctor if you are concerned or unsure about dosages.

Blissful Sleep Recipe:

Blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. As you drink the elixir practise heart coherence. This is a 3 minute practise of raising your vibration by generating feelings of compassion, gratitude or appreciation for someone or something in your life. Bring your body into the present moment, just acknowledging that you are alive, acknowledging your body and vessel for how much is has carried and supported you.

Be kind and gentle and giving yourself and your body the chance to rest, regenerate and heal.


Wishing you deep blissful sweet sleeps!!!


Love Jane xxx