Adrenal cacao recipe  

This is a super simple and ridiculously nourishing tonic for anyone who feels like their nervous system has been running on over-drive and are now experiencing burnout, and it’s an epic alternative to coffee, providing you an uplift without the crash after.

Withania somnifera (also known as Ashwaganda, Indian Ginseng and Winter cherry) is my go to herb to tonify the adrenal glands and support immunity, especially in motherhood where there is endless stamina required to be on demand all day and night. I started communing with the root of Withania, by smelling her, and as I received the higher grassy notes, I was transported to fields of long tall grass exuding a sense of freedom and expansion. The lower earthy, woody notes then made their way to my awareness, and in my minds-eye appeared a vision of a young woman, riding a horse into battle, carrying the energy of courage, strength and stamina. As I leaned into this vision it became clear that Withania was not just referring to physical battle but also a battle of the mind.

Withania invites courage and stamina to persevere, to not lose heart or hope. She guides our consciousness downwards, towards the earth, anchoring us into the life force of our Great Mother that sustains us physically and energetically. Here in the stillness of our connection to Earth we rest and recoup. She invites us to balance work and busy-ness with retreat, especially during times of ‘battle’ or challenge.
Resting IS part of perseverance. Pushing through like a workhorse, will lead to exhaustion and breakdown. Mastering the art of rest and recoup allows for a gathering and restoring of the vital force. From this place we can then step forward, which will then lead to breakthrough on the other side of challenge.

If battle, war or challenge is showing up, consider retreating, resting and reconnecting to the earth. Do not underestimate the strength and restoration that comes from this place. Can you trust It? Where are you pushing, forcing and controlling things? Where are you a slave to your mind and your lifestyle? Do you feel guilty for resting? Can you slow down enough to listen to the wisdom and guidance of the courageous heart within?

Withania helps us to unabashedly reclaim the brumby, the wild heart within, that knows how to balance doing with adequate rest, so that we may heal, thrive, and create the ultimate experience of liberation and success.

In this recipe, the roots of Withania are used to make a herbal tea that is combined with Mamma Cacao, allowing us to receive a double dose of nourishment and grounding, that ultimately opens our heart to receive the joy and beauty all around us. The Cacao Elixir in this recipe has also been infused with flower essences to support consistent and steady energy. The Purple Enamel orchid helps those who go go go and then crash into exhaustion and depression. Pink fountain triggerplant helps restore the vital force when it has been slowly draining away due to illness, stress and trauma, and Yellow Flag flower ignites the carefree vibrant spirit to return so we are not weighed down by the challenges of life.



  • 1 tbsp of Withania root
  • 150ml hot pre-boiled water
  • 1-2 tbsp of Energise and Uplift Cacao Elixir
  • Optional sweetener like maple syrup, coconut sugar or a fresh date

Steep the Withania root in the hot water for 5 minutes, allowing all the active constituents to infuse into the water.

Strain the warm withania brew into your blending vessel. Add the Energise and Uplift Ceremonial Cacao and an optional sweetener like maple syrup, coconut sugar or a fresh date, and then blend for 30 seconds -1 minute until smooth creamy and bubbly.

You now have a deeply grounding earthy tasting drink to support your adrenal glands and body to rest, restore and rebalance. Take 15 minutes to reconnect to the land around you, ideally going outside, as you consciously take the time to connect with your own heart and the Heart of Mother Earth.

*withania requires caution in pregnancy


Love Jane xxx