About Jane

Hello Gorgeous ones, I’m Jane!

I’m a Qualified Naturopath, Certified Intuitive Guide, Flower Essence Therapist, Cacao Keeper, Professional Chocolatier, Qualified Circle Holder, Wife and Mamma of 3 wild kids!

Cacao came into my life during my first pregnancy in 2010, when I found myself anxious, exhausted and craving chocolate to cope. I tried my first raw chocolate and noticed afterwards I felt incredibly grounded, whole and content. It was like an empty space inside me became fulfilled, and so my love affair with cacao began. I started making chocolates, and noticed a sensual activation occurring in my body every time I was melting her, stirring her, and hand tempering her. I didnt know it back then but she was awakening my own sleeping life force energy. This activation stirred its way up into my heart, where I found myself passionately gifting chocolates to my friends and family.

Then one day someone close to me lost their child, and I realised I could infuse flower essences into chocolate to support her aching heart and empty womb. From that day a beautiful marriage began between the flowers and the cacao, and I have been making remedies in my own kitchen ever since.

As my relationship with cacao continued to deepen and grow, she worked her medicine on me without my conscious awareness. Her subtle tree medicine took me on a descent into my past, into my own fears and shadows, where I faced deep shame and grief, around my own personal sexual trauma, but also for the collective feminine. That descent enabled me to shine a light in the darkest of places within my own heart and womb, and through ixCacao’s gentle loving guidance and compassion I have fully found deep self acceptance for my own body, my own past, and the nature of life on Earth as it is, in both its dark and light.

Cacao’s subtle medicine acts like a bridge. She gently nudged me to grow my own roots and connect with the Noongar land upon which I live. She taught me to know I belong here, and that I am worthy of being on this planet and that the flame inside my heart was born to shine during these times. She is the bridge that unites Heaven and Earth. She is the bridge that connects the lands of the ancient Meso-american jungles with the lands all over the globe. She is the bridge that unites the hearts of her human children beyond race, religion, gender and belief…and she is the bridge, that invites us to ‘become the bridge’ – to anchor our divine spirits fully into our bodies, to call aspects of our souls home into ourselves again, so we may stand tall in the world, hearts full of fire, being the demonstration of love and compassion needed during these challenging times – and so it was that Cacao Medium was born.

In 2016 I graduated as a Professional Chocolatier from Ecole Chocolate and then in 2018 I qualified with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence to become an Intuitive Guide and in 2019 I qualified from Circle School. 

I now combine the medicine of Cacao and the Flower Essences with my Intuitive Guidance and Circle School training, to support others to release subconscious fear and re-connect with their own Intuition and Hearts Purpose.

As more of us begin to live from the Wisdom of Our hearts, we will make the world a better place for all – Inside Out.


Chocolate with flowers
Chocolate making circle